TWICE’s Nayeon Once Dropped A Major Hint About Heechul And Momo’s Relationship

“Heechul, I know everything…”

Since TWICE‘s Momo and Super Junior‘s Heechul have recently confirmed their relationship, fans have been creating the best memes and looking for moments where everyone should’ve seen the news coming.


In a past clip from Knowing Bros where TWICE were guests, they’ve noticed that Nayeon may have been hinting about their relationship all along.

When asked if she genuinely viewed herself as a good girlfriend, Heechul suggested that she come up with an acrostic poem on the spot using the name of one of the shows’ cast members. Nayeon decided to put the spotlight on Heechul, creating a moment that now makes sense.

I will do it with your name.

Even though he’d said, “My heart is pounding,” his facial expression looked far from excited. Nayeon began the poem by warning him that she knew about something he’d been keeping a secret. She then went on to mention Momo, as if the secret involved her. To keep the mystery and tension high, she trailed off before finishing the statement.

Heechul, I know everything. Momo actually is…

Heechul instantly shot her a knowing smile then looked directly at the camera. Fully knowing what she was referring to, he stopped her from revealing anything. The look he gave Nayeon coupled with his eyes moving to the camera proved there was something about him and Momo that he hadn’t planned on revealing on television.

You’re not… I won’t let you!

Nayeon pouted and turned the statement into something funny, saying that Momo was a baby. It made everyone burst into song and forget all about the teasing, at least until now.

It could’ve been referring to Heechul’s feelings for Momo that he may or may not have confessed to her. Or, it could’ve been to point out that they had something going on. Only they will know for sure what was being referred to, but Nayeon definitely gave away that there was something between them.


See Nayeon drop a significant hint about Heechul and Momo’s relationship here.

TWICE's Momo And Heechul's Relationship