TWICE Nayeon’s Way Of Ordering Room Service Was So Hilarious, Chaeyoung Couldn’t Get Over It

Chaeyoung exposed the story πŸ˜‚

TWICE‘s Nayeon didn’t always have an excellent grasp of the Japanese language, so she had to resort to more unique methods of communicating with others!

In a past interview with 1theK, TWICE’s Chaeyoung exposed a hilarious story involving Nayeon. She revealed that they once ordered room service in their Japanese hotel, and Nayeon struggled to get her message across.

We travel a lot, and I share rooms with Nayeon. We were ordering room service in Japanese, but our Japanese isn’t that great yet. There’s a funny video of her ordering in Japanese.

β€” Chaeyoung

Nayeon explained that she was aware that the hotel staff could speak English, but in the end, she still couldn’t help but mix up English, Korean, and Japanese when speaking!

Luckily, they understood what she was trying to say.

The front desk people can speak English. My Korean, Japanese, and English all came out, and it’s shocking that they even understood.

β€” Nayeon

When Jeongyeon heard the story, she commented that it would have been funny if the staff understood Korean all along. If they did, then Nayeon’s efforts would have been in vain!

It would be hilarious if they actually know Korean. You’re trying hard to speak in Japanese…

β€”Β  Jeongyeon

Dahyun then mimicked what the conversation would have been like, much to the amusement of her members.

(In Korean) ‘For how many people?

β€” Dahyun

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