How TWICE’s Nayeon And Tzuyu Realized They Have What It Takes To Be Full-Time K-Pop Idols

These people boosted their confidence.

TWICE is one of the most successful K-Pop groups to date, and the members themselves can be thanked for the group’s popularity. What would have happened if even one member didn’t pursue her dream of being an idol?


With this in mind, TWICE was asked in a past interview with Billboard, “Who made you realize you could be an artist full-time?

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Nayeon and Tzuyu shared their stories. According to Nayeon, her friends, family, and herself were the people who convinced her to become an idol. She had the confidence to pursue her dreams, and it was an immense help that the people around her gave their full support.

Myself and the people around me! I constantly reminded myself that I can be whatever I put my mind to, and the people around me always supported my decision.

— Nayeon


They also helped her “find a way to achieve my dream to become an artist.

On the other hand, Tzuyu thanked the JYP Entertainment artists who gave her guidance as a trainee. It was their advice that caused her to stop and think about the path that she was pursuing.

I was lucky enough to get advice from various JYPE artists. Their honest and wise advice helped me think deeply about my path and where it would take me from different viewpoints.

— Tzuyu


It’s thanks to these people that Tzuyu and Nayeon had the motivation to chase after their dreams and become TWICE members!

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Source: Billboard