TWICE’s Nayeon Wanted Food, But Momo Had ITZY On Her Mind

She ended up turning Nayeon and Sana into MIDZYs.

In one of TWICE‘s latest live broadcasts, Sana, Nayeon, and Momo were trying to figure out what they would be eating. They’d even titled the video Dinner Recommendations, reading the suggestions of fans.

There was something other than food on Momo’s mind, though. She was thinking about ITZY.

When Sana voiced her wish for “crab marinated in soy sauce,” Nayeon was all for it. Thinking about their options, she mused, “Since we can’t go outside that well and we can’t go far away, we always eat the same things.”

Momo wasn’t paying attention. While looking toward the camera, she slowly moved her shoulders back and forth.

After finding a particular place to eat Beijing duck, Nayeon left it up to the others to decide what to do, “Should we call?” Food was not the first thing Momo had been thinking about. She put her hands on her hips and began to shake her shoulders, doing ITZY’s choreography for “Wannabe”.

Not seeing what was happening, Nayeon continued to figure out what their gameplan was. Still looking down at her phone, she asked, “If we can get a reservation, do you want to go here?” MIDZY Momo was in her own world, busting out the dance moves by moving her fists back and forth.

Even though Momo did take a moment to stop and give her input on the matter, she couldn’t stop doing the catchy dance moves. In fact, she roped in another member to join her in the fun.

While Nayeon was on the phone calling the restaurant, Sana and Momo were enjoying themselves. With bright smiles, they both did their juniors’ choreography. Sana even admitted, “I memorized the choreography.”

The dancing and high energy were so catchy that Nayeon joined them after finishing the call. When she had to call back to cancel their reservation, she was still dancing along with them.

Even idols get the songs and dances of other groups stuck in their heads. It’s even cuter when it happens to senior artists from their juniors. Watch Momo influence Sana and Momo to have a mini ITZY dance party, beginning at 17:56.