TWICE Nayeon’s “Dating Rumor” That Even Her Fellow Member Knew Of

Who is it with?

TWICE‘s Nayeon revealed who she’s “dating”, and fans were certain that they’ve been right about it all along!

Nayeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

Nayeon held a live broadcast with Momo, where she talked to fans about her daily life, read comments, and more!

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During the live broadcast, while talking to their fans, Nayeon brought up a certain rumor she’s been hearing about herself… and Sana!

There’s a rumor that Sana and I are dating?


Momo hilariously chimed in with, “I also know about this rumor”, and Nayeon took this opportunity to leave her relationship status with Sana up to the imagination of ONCEs!

I don’t really wanna reveal that. Everyone, I’ll leave it to your imagination!


Fans went wild with speculation, even hilariously accusing Nayeon of making up comments that she gets when she does live broadcasts!

Go #SaNayeon!

Nayeon and Sana

Watch the whole thing here!