TWICE’s #1 Fan Is A Male Idol, Who Goes To All Their Concerts

He has been to two of TWICE’s concerts and will go again anytime!

Super Junior‘s Heechul has never been shy to express his passionate love for girl group members, like Wonder Girls’ Sohee and TWICE‘s Momo.

While he is a good friend to many girl groups, Heechul is like any other diehard fanboy when it comes to TWICE.


On the latest episode of Amazing Saturday, Heechul proved his love for TWICE and showed the world that he is the group’s biggest fan. He shared that he has been to only three concerts in the past five years, two of which were TWICE’s concerts.

“You’ve been to only three concerts in the past five years?” — Boom

“I’ve been to Kyuhyun‘s concert, TWICE’s first concert, and TWICE’s second concert.” — Heechul


Heechul’s pictures from these TWICE concerts have gone viral already, showing how much he actually loves the girl group as a fan.


When the show host Boom asked him to pick between TWICE and fromis_9, a girl group he mentored on the audition program Idol School, Heechul hesitated.

To help with the decision, Boom had Heechul imagine both Momo and Nakyeong inviting him to their concerts held on the same day, at the same time, in the same area.

Should he turn left, he would attend fromis_9’s concert, and if he turns right, he would be going to TWICE’s.


When Heechul finally made up his mind, he first wished fromis_9 the best, then covered Nakyeong‘s ears and admitted he would attend TWICE’s concert.

“I love you, my fromis_9 students, you girls will hit big!” — Heechul

“I’ll take a right (to TWICE’s concert).” — Heechul


Nakyeong was disappointed to find out the group’s mentor wouldn’t visit the members.

“You broke my heart.” — Nakyeong


Heechul admitted he is just a hopeless fanboy for TWICE. He explained, regardless of whom he mentors, he has to have his fix of TWICE!

“Even a mentor has his hobbies.” — Heechul


It’s clear Heechul is TWICE’s number one fan — a true ONCE at heart.


Watch the full clip below: