A ONCE Ate Like TWICE For A Week, And Here’s What Happened

Her top pick came courtesy of Momo!

K-Pop fan Joelle from Buzzfeed recently tried to eat like BLACKPINK for a week and has also tried to eat like BTS in the past. It seems as if she wanted to try it again, and picked TWICE! Due to the huge number of members, Joelle aimed to recreate two favorite meals for each member!

Leader Jihyo was the inspiration for Monday’s meal and, because she loves to stay in shape, breakfast was a strawberry yogurt smoothie. As yummy as it looked, Joelle was even more excited about lunch which was BBQ beef bulgogi with rice and some veggies. 

After a great start to the day, the next member on the list was Nayeon! According to research, Joelle found out that one of Nayeon’s favorite meals was sushi, which nobody could complain about. Tuesday came and breakfast was another pick for Nayeon. With her love for grapefruit, she teamed it with a cup of coffee, which all the members have shared their love for.

Along with some serious girl crush vibes, Joelle revealed that Jeongyeon was next on the list. Like many idols, one of Jeongyeon’s favorite food is tteokbokki, using a recipe made by TWICE.

It was time for another favorite with golbaengi-muchim, a spicy sea whelk salad with noodles for dinner. Although it seemed to scare Joelle, she couldn’t hide her excitement at the dish!

Wednesday began with member Mina and, after seeing an interview, Joelle chose to focus on her favorite condiment, ketchup, and combined it with eggs!

Lunch came courtesy of another Japanese member of the group in Momo. As an avid cook, Joelle tried to make a stew she loves which was popularized after the Korean war. For dinner, it was time for another favorite as she had Jokbal, which are pigs trotters.

Sana was up next and Joelle got a treat for breakfast by having some waffles, more specifically liege waffles which had a caramelized glaze.

Coming from Sana’s love of food, Joelle had a pole bowl, which is cut up raw fish. Although it wasn’t as good as the one Mina made Sana, it was still yummy. She also celebrated Sana’s adorable “Cheese Kimbap” meme by making some herself.

Next up was TWICE’s ray of sunshine, Dahyun. Joelle had another sweet start to the day for breakfast, teaming chocolate milk with a Korean pastry. After a filling breakfast, ramen was for lunch, and you can’t complain about that!

Chaeyong inspired dinner and, after showing it on a live broadcast, Joelle made an arugula salad.

To finish the week, Tzuyu started the day, and Joelle had a red bean pastry because of the group maknae‘s love of bread and teamed it with a watermelon. Lunch was Korean thistle rice, which Tzuyu mentioned she liked in an interview. She also teamed it with some more sweet items and ate some gummys!

Joelle ended her week eating like TWICE with a meal all the members love: japchae (Korean stir-fry glass noodles) and stir-fried potatoes. Despite it being easy to make, Joelle couldn’t hide how delicious it was!

With so much variety of food, the video is enough to make anyone hungry! Could you eat like TWICE for a week? Because it definitely looks delicious. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Buzzfeed