TWICE Just Released Their “Be As One” Document MV And It’s Guaranteed To Make You Feel Things

Fans are finding it hard to cope.

TWICE has released their first Japanese album “BDZ”, and, along with it, their title track “Be As One”.


The MV is a document video with footage of the girls, showcasing their journey over the past three years.


It begins by introducing each of the 9 members… and ONCE.


Not only is the song an emotional ballad, but the accompanying clips are real tear-jerkers, showing how hard the members work…


Their love for each other…


And their love for ONCEs.


Several clips show the members getting emotional and being comforted by their friends.


The entire video pulls at the heartstrings, and fans are NOT coping.


The video is inspiring ONCEs to share how much TWICE means to them.

  • “This video is so emotional, to see how far they’ve come not only in Korea but to become a household name in Japan as well.”
  • “One in a million then Stuck now this. The mutual love given by both the fandom and the girls is something. Emotional right now.”
  • “I’ve only been a part of ONCE for a little over a month now but I cannot begin to explain how much they helped me get through my life’s lowest point thus far. This song and video just has so much raw emotion and love that I couldn’t bring myself not to cry.”
  • “I think TWICE affects people more deeply and really helps them. They inspired me when I was in dark thoughts like ‘what if I let myself fall from this window?’
  • “Twice is just something special and you just can’t describe why with words. In the last two years I have seen so many posts asking ‘Why is Twice so popular?’ and myself and others try to put it into words, but its never an adequate explanation. Twice is just a One in a Million, perfect storm of personality, charisma, fan-service, and genuine group chemistry that you can’t plan or foresee until it just happens. It all culminates in an intangible quality that transcends culture and language.”
    — Reddit


You’ve been warned! Get the tissues ready: