Here Are TWICE “Perfect World” Dance Moves That Started Out As Jokes But Made The Final Cut

Even the choreographers didn’t expect to use them!

Rian, Simeez, and Gabee of Street Woman Fighter dance crew LACHICA are the choreographers of TWICE’s powerful Japanese song “Perfect World.”

Rian (left), Simeez (center), and Gabee (right) | @la.chica_official/Instagram
Momo for “Perfect World” | JYP Entertainment

They recently gathered together to react to the performance video of “Perfect World,” where they even revealed the choreographies that accidentally made it to the final cut!

The first move that started out as a joke is the part where the girls raise their arms in a U shape.

Gabee revealed that she thought of the dance move when she and Rian were waiting for Meez to arrive for practice.

That day, when we gathered to plan the choreo, Meez was a little late. The two of us were early, and I liked this song while listening to it.

— Gabee

She told them, “You know what we should do here?” and proceeded to dance in a very animated manner.

Surprisingly, Rian liked it right away and urged the two to use it!

Then she was like, ‘Oh? It’s good?‘ So I did it as a joke and we ended up using it.

— Gabee

The other choreography that started out as a joke is the part where TWICE kicks with one leg.

Gabee once again wasn’t serious when she danced it for the first time in front of Rian, but Rian saw its potential.

This kicking move also came about from a joke. I did as a joke like, ‘Get away!‘ But she liked it again, so…

— Gabee

Although she didn’t expound further, Gabee noted that there are many more parts that started out as a joke. “There’s a lot of choreo that came about from jokes.

They may have originally been unintentional, but the final performance is jaw-dropping!

In the same video, LACHICA praised TWICE’s Jihyo for her dance skills. See what they said about her below!

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