TWICE personally teaches their dance moves in this tutorial video

TWICE took time with fans to teach them the point dances for their biggest hits.

TWICE’s special album TWICEcoaster: Lane 2 will be released on February 20th, following the release of their music video for the title track “Knock Knock”. In anticipation, the group taught fans how to dance to each of their point dance moves from their previous hits!

While reviewing the dance moves, TWICE also ranked the difficulty of each move.

Walk through the levels with TWICE below!

Knock Knock!

Are you ready?

Let’s get this show started!

You’ll be drowning in TWICE’s charms!

You will be able to see the girls’ sexy…


and elegant sides!

Difficulty Level: One

What move is this?

It is the “Marilyn Monroe” pose from the chorus of “Like Ooh-Ahh”!

“I feel like crying.”

“Cheer Up!”

Don’t be “TT”, TWICE is releasing a new song soon!

Difficulty Level: 2

They’ll shock you!

The budding flower pose from the beginning of “Cheer Up”!

“Let me see how you gon’ treat me”

Difficulty Level: Three

“Better think about it twice!”

“I’ll act calm as if it’s nothing.”

Difficulty Level: Four

“What’s with the dull skin again?”

Their charms and cute side made them the perfect teachers!

Now that you’re an expert, it’s time to learn a new routine! Watch TWICE’s new MV for “Knock Knock” below.

Source: Naver Starcast