ONCEs Can’t Believe How Drop-Dead Gorgeous TWICE’s Female Bodyguard Is

She could be TWICE’s 10th member.

TWICE‘s beautiful female bodyguard is proving that “strong” really is the new “sexy”.


Whenever TWICE is at the airport…


…attending an event…


…or traveling between schedules…


…this trusty staff member can be spotted nearby by.


Fans have yet to learn her name, but her visuals have earned her the affectionate nickname, “pretty security unnie”.


In fact, this bodyguard is so good-looking that fans have called her the “10th member of TWICE”…


…and have shipped her with NCT‘s handsome manager!


Visuals aside, ONCEs love how well this bodyguard takes care of the members by watching out for them, even in the smallest ways.


After seeing how caring and beautiful she is, it’s impossible not to stan her.


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