TWICE Has Hilariously Opposite Reactions To Tzuyu And Dahyun’s Aegyo

They seem to have a preference 😂

TWICE‘s Dahyun got into an unexpected, one-sided competition with Tzuyu over who had the cuter aegyo!

In Episode 3 of TIME TO TWICE‘s “YES or NO,” they were tasked with doing aegyo for 1 minute. Hilariously, the reactions of their fellow members varied drastically, causing Dahyun to feel competitive!

Dahyun shocked everyone present—especially Nayeon—when she started acting cute, saying in a high-pitched voice, “Dahyun loves Momo so, so much!

Even after she sat down, she continued attacking with her energetic gestures and facial expressions.

After she finished, maknae Tzuyu stepped right up to the challenge.

Needless to say, everyone loved her aegyo!

Upon hearing the favorable reactions, Dahyun cried out, “How come you’re acting so differently to her?

Unfazed by Dahyun’s remark, Tzuyu then did an impersonation of Pikachu, and it was game over! The other members clapped their hands and squealed, “She was cute.

That prompted Dahyun, who did her best until the end, to sulk. “I wasn’t cute?

Nayeon assured her that she was indeed cute…but also shocking. “Dahyun, you were amazing and shocking.

Upon hearing her words, Dahyun playfully pouted and looked away, while Tzuyu laughed amiably.

And just as bonus, here’s some heart-stopping aegyo from Sana!

See more for yourself in the full video below.

Source: TWICE