TWICE is Back in Black on the Red Carpet for the 2019 Golden Disc Awards

TWICE brought their own flair to their first red carpet looks of 2019!

TWICE were knockouts in black ensembles on the red carpet for the 2019 Golden Disc Awards.

Doing press a few hours before Day 1 of the event began, the girls all added their own individual twists to the classic “little black dress.”

While all the girls looked gorgeous, there were a few standout outfits that made us take a second look.

Chaeyoung was the most daring, deciding to go with a strapless dress with a tutu-esque plumage for the skirt to add an additional elegant flair to her outfit.

Sana, meanwhile, wore the most “red carpet” worthy dress of the night, with an outfit that looked like it came right off the runway in Paris. It could easily fit right in at any major award ceremony.

Dahyun had the oddest dress out of the bunch, but also the funkiest (in a good way!). The odd, almost child-like flower designs on her dress added a playful flair to contrast against the “serious” tone associated with the color black.

This event was the girls’ first red carpet of 2019, and they definitely brought their A-game.

We can’t wait to see what red carpet looks they do next!

Source: @digi0324