TWICE Reveals How They Celebrated Mina’s Birthday This Year

They all looked so happy celebrating with Mina!

It was recently revealed that TWICE celebrated groupmate Mina‘s birthday during the filming of their commercial for Coca-Cola brand Qoo. Though they’re all dressed for Halloween, the commercial was filmed earlier in the year, back in March around the same time as Mina’s birthday. (For those who may not know, Mina’s birthday is on March 24.)

Everyone looks happy to be together, celebrating Mina’s birthday, as they pose around a giant cake that was covered with fruit, including kawaii strawberries that were prepared to look anthropomorphic! (Some of them even have little x’s where their eyes should be, keeping in-line with the Halloween theme of the shoot.) The cake was made perfect by a white chocolate heart that read, “Happy Birthday Mina-chan” with tiny milk chocolate heart flourishes around it.

Although this is a throwback photo, it’s nice to see Mina looking healthy and happy, along with her friends and groupmates. 💖

Source: ONCE Japan