TWICE’s Sana Is Actress Han So Hee’s Biggest Fan, And We’re Here For It

We can’t wait for her newest K-Drama either, Sana!

Popular K-Drama actress Han So Hee has won over millions of fans with her brilliant acting skills, including TWICE‘s Sana!

Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram
TWICE’s Sana | @twicetagram/Instagram

Han So Hee’s breakout role was the mistress in The World of the Married, and her most recent K-Drama, Nevertheless, went viral thanks to her steamy chemistry with costar Song Kang. Han So Hee’s latest drama, My Name, is set to premiere on October 15 and her fans can’t wait to see her in her new role!

Poster for My Name | Netflix

During a recent live broadcast, Sana revealed that she can’t wait to see Han So Hee in her latest role either!


A fan who tuned in to the broadcast asked Sana, “Do you know Han So Hee?” 

Sana replied, “Actress Han So Hee. Of course, I know her.” 

Sana told the fan she’s waiting for Han So Hee’s latest series to be released, too. She even remembered the K-Drama’s release date!

This live broadcast wasn’t the first time Sana had talked about Han So Hee. While Nevertheless was still airing, Sana talked about the show with ONCE on LYSN‘s Dear U. Bubble app, and when the show ended she said she wanted to see more of the show’s main couple, as well as fan favorites Yoon Sol (Lee Ho Jung) and Seo Ji Wan (Yoon Seo Ah).

We’re sure Sana will be tuning in to My Name and discussing the K-Drama with fans when it airs and that Han So Hee is grateful to have such a famous fan!