TWICE’s Sana Tried These Two Opposite Styling Concepts Back-To-Back And Netizens Are Torn Which Is Better

Queen of duality!

Nobody does duality better than TWICE’s Sana! However, this isn’t about her usual cute vs. sexy debate. Recently, netizens have recalled two of her best styling moments and can’t seem to pick their favorite.

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For “More & More,” Sana stood out in her bright red-orange hair.

Along with her wavy and vibrant hair, she rocked bold patterns with the rest of the members to create a unique and eye-catching concept.

This combination created a “wild and free” concept on stage!

Just like her bright personality, Sana suits colorful and bold looks.


However, later that year, she stepped out in a more subdued look for “I Can’t Stop Me.”

She transitioned to a more natural and soft color palette…

…and it’s the perfect look for TWICE’s fall and winter concepts.


It’s easy to see why netizens are torn between her two styles!


Which Sana do you prefer?

Source: theqoo