TWICE’s Sana And Cosmic Girls’ Yeonjung Show Off Their Close Bond And Christmas Spirit

This is how you spend Christmas Eve.

TWICE‘s Sana surprised fans by how she’d spent her Christmas Eve. Instead of spending time with her family or the other members, she’d spent it with Cosmic GirlsYeonjung, who appears to be a very close friend of hers.


Yeonjung took to her own Instagram to share photos of them enjoying a meal together. While holding their forks up to their mouths, they cutely pouted at the camera.

To show even more of their close friendship, they took festive video clips that were so adorable they made themselves chuckle. Wearing filtered hoods, they both smiled as they held up pieces of their food.

In another, they became ornaments on a Christmas tree. They looked so silly Yeonjung couldn’t hold back her laughter. Sana couldn’t help but laugh too.

In the last one, they became nutcrackers, cutely spitting out walnuts. When it comes to real friends, they can have the most fun doing the simplest things.

Sana and Yeonjung were the friendship duo fans didn’t know they needed and are looking forward to seeing more moments between them. See their adorable Christmas fun here.

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