TWICE’s Sana Cried When They Made Their Japanese Debut, Here’s Why

Sana was amazed!

In an episode of SBS‘s Archive K, TWICE‘s Sana spoke about a moment during their Japanese debut that brought her to tears.

TWICE’s Sana

When TWICE made their debut in Japan, “TT,” which is a reference to TWICE’s hit song “TT,” was displayed on Tokyo Tower’s electronic board.

| 우리가요 URIGAYO/YouTube

When Sana saw this, she was brought to tears.

| 우리가요 URIGAYO/YouTube

Sana explained that Tokyo Tower was a place that she only saw on TV, so when she saw “TT” displayed on it, she was amazed and got emotional.

| 우리가요 URIGAYO/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!