10 Moments That Proved TWICE’s Sana Was The Absolute Definition Of Cutie-Sexy

“No Sana No Life” – say it with us!

Sana of TWICE shot to fame with her “sha sha sha” aegyo that probably can be considered a cultural icon by now. Her cutie sexy trademark looks are a strong point of appeal for both the public and ONCEs alike. Here are 10 moments where she truly was a strong contender for our hearts.

1. When she slayed the lace glove and blonde hair.

The girl looked absolutely the picture of sexy elegance, with a Chanel logo circle earring that matched perfectly with her one-handed lace glove. The glove pulled the minidress outfit together nicely, while her blonde hair gave it the pop of color it needed.

2. Pink mesh and pearls.

What would have been a sexier outfit was toned down and bordered on cute even, by the bubblegum pink shade. It was on Sana’s natural star appeal and intense gaze to elevate the outfit entirely.

3. When she was red hot.

Red is a color we don’t often spot her in – but that should change as of now. She totally rocks the bold color! Pairing with a bright red lip, the Japanese member looks classy and vintage at the same time.

4. The picture of angelic charms.

Sana sported an all white ensemble paired with a Grecian goddess hairstyle. The sweetness of the look was pulled together by coral toned makeup and of course, her saccharine smile!

5. This Marie Claire pictorial.

She should be crowned the queen of pictorials by now! Sana looks amazing with orange-pink lips and a matching sundress that shows just the right amount of skin to keep things fresh and bubbly!

6. Pretty in Pink.

In a spread for 1st Look, Sana rocks a pink co-ord two piece with adorable ribbon detailing on the shoulder and back. Along with fresh-faced, dewy skin, she is every bit the summer goddess we all aspire to be.

7. Sultry on stage.

Sana has done it yet again – managing to pull of sexy maturity while oozing class and elegance. The flashy jewelry set of a pearl choker and huge sparkling earrings only seem to highlight her beauty rather than to distract from it.

8. The OG squirrel.

While many idols have subsequently been called squirrel or chipmunk for their cheeks, Sana takes the cake with how cute she looks while puffing out her cheeks after taking a sip of water. Her expression is contrasted with the body-hugging outfit that brings out her curves.

9. A living barbie.

During their “Fancy” stages, Sana often sported pink dresses in varying shades, paired with knee-high boots. We also loved the blonde hair on her, and the combination of her perfect features, pink dress and blonde locks just reminded us so much of Barbie!

10. Lastly, Sana in twin tails.

Sana always experiments with her hairstyles, pulling off straight long hair or waves, half up or all back, but our favorite has got to be Sana in twin tails. What would be considered a juvenile hairstyle suits her perfectly due to her youthful charms and bright smile.

“No Sana, No Life” is the chant her fans often go by, and we have to say, we sincerely agree with them! After all, what is a life without being able to bask in the adorable yet seductive charms of Ms. Minatozaki?