TWICE’s Sana Had The Embarrassment Of A Lifetime After She Was Caught On Camera At An Award Show

Her reaction was the cutest!

TWICE‘s Sana had the cutest reaction when she was unexpectedly caught on camera!

Last year at the Seoul Music Awards, TWICE sat around their table with their full attention on the stage. Everyone except for Sana, though!

Sana got distracted doing something none of her members were doing—playing with confetti. She adorably took two pieces of confetti and placed them over her eyes.

When she finished, however, she had the surprise of her life. She was told the camera caught her actions! She couldn’t believe it and lowered her head in embarrassment.

Seeing her strong reaction, Nayeon immediately asked what happened.

Sana explained by reliving what she did, actions and all.

She then lowered her head again and shook it vigorously as her members laughed.

Watch the adorable moment in the full video below!

Source: Spinel CAM