TWICE’s Sana Got Emotional While Speaking Up About Her Recent Controversy

She promised to become a better person.

At the 2019 TWICELIGHTS concert in Seoul, TWICE‘s Sana spoke up about her recent Instagram controversy for the first time since. At the end of the concert, Sana came forward and shared her innermost thoughts about what she felt amidst the criticism and how ONCEs helped her get through it all.


Sana claimed, “I tend to think about things deeply. And recently, I had some time to think about a lot of things.” She began to explain to her fans that she hadn’t realized what it meant to be in her position before, but that now she knows the level of responsibility that follows her fame.

Before, I didn’t know what it meant to be loved by a lot of people. Now I know what it means. I also know how much responsibility comes with that love.

— Sana


Sana continued by apologizing to the fans about not having been able to reciprocate the amount of love and support she received from the fans.

I should have been able to give back to the fans the same amount of love and support that I receive from the fans. But I haven’t been able to do that recently.

— Sana


Then Sana shared how, going through the controversy, she learned that it is possible for her to unintentionally hurt people.

I guess we never know how people perceive things. Everyone is different, so everything I say can be taken differently. When I say things, regardless of my original intentions, they can be disappointing and hurtful to some people.

— Sana


When Sana was explaining how she felt scared of losing her fans, she got very emotional and started to tear up. Her voice shook like she was about to burst into tears. She claimed she was filled with fear, because she thought she might not be able to see ONCEs again.

I know now that ONCEs are always worried about me. But back then, I didn’t know. When I was too wrapped up in my own thoughts, I was terrified that I might lose ONCEs. I was scared to look straight ahead because I thought I might not be able to see the fans in front of my eyes again.

— Sana


Sana then promised her loyal, loving fans that she will never worry about losing them again – because she is going to protect them, like they have protected her.

ONCEs stayed by my side and supported me like never before. Seeing your faces, encouraging me to stay strong, made me realize that I need to do better. I need to protect my fans too. You all worked so hard to protect me, so I should work hard to protect you too.

— Sana


Fans began chanting “We love you” in unison, to show Sana that their love and support will never end. Sana’s big, bright smile – after she got things off her chest – truly relieved ONCEs and made them happy again!

Source: Star News