TWICE’s Sana Gives Intelligent Perspective On Dreading Mondays That We Can All Learn From

Many people view Monday as the worst day of the week.

Mondays signify the end of a break after the weekend and the start of a new week of work, so it’s no wonder many people dread it.

In a past live broadcast, TWICE‘s Sana gave an encouraging, different perspective on the topic that we can all learn from!

TWICE’s Sana

Sana was reading the comments when she saw a fan bemoan that it was Monday the next day. With a gentle tone, she told the fan that they can think of it as a new start.

It’s fine. Monday’s good. It’s a new start.

— Sana

According to Sana, all their regrets and ill feelings from the previous week can be put in the past. Instead of hating Mondays, they can try to see the good in it.

If you regret something you did last week or you feel bad about something, you can start again. Why do you hate Mondays? It’s okay.

— Sana

Sana gave one last piece of insight. “Time always catches up no matter how hard you try to escape. Time’s flown by this year,” she said.

Apart from giving fans encouragement to face a new week, Sana also revealed why TWICE works on the weekends. Check it out here:

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Source: YouTube