Here’s Why TWICE Always Works On The Weekends, According To Sana

Saturdays and Sundays can get hectic.

The job of an idol vastly differs from regular ones, a reason being their schedules. Most people do not have work on the weekends, but idols are busiest on those days.

In a past live broadcast, a fan asked TWICE‘s Sana, “Do you have work on the weekends, too?” Without missing a beat, Sana replied, “Of course!

She explained that fans are most available on the weekend, which makes Saturdays and Sundays the best time to hold concerts, fan meetings, and other events.

We have to work on the weekends when ONCE can come and see us, so it’s good.

— Sana

Sana, however, doesn’t seem to mind! She said they “do what they’ve got to do.

We have to do what we’ve got to do. I have to practice to see ONCE. Right?

— Sana

Even if she is the one who doesn’t have the day off on weekends, Sana selflessly cheered fans on. She encouraged them to work hard so that they can meet.

So try to think that you can see TWICE if you work too. Cheer up.

— Sana

In the same video, Sana gave advice to fans who are going through hardships. Read what she said in the article below.

TWICE’s Sana Gives Heartwarming Yet Practical Advice To Fans Struggling In Life

Source: YouTube


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