TWICE’s Sana Gives Heartwarming Yet Practical Advice To Fans Struggling In Life

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TWICE‘s Sana once gave heartwarming advice to a fan who was having a hard time in life.

During a past live broadcast, the fan commented, “I’m sorry, Sana, but what should I do when things get tough?

Sana paused for a moment to gather her thoughts. She compassionately answered that people are faced with different kinds of hardships. For example, there are those who struggle with their studies and those who struggle with relationships.

Everyone has their own difficulties. Some people find studying hard, and others suffer from relationships.

— Sana

Sana recognizes that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to cope with difficulties. She is aware that there are people who prefer to keep to themselves, but she suggested that they share their grievances with someone they trust.

I’m not sure what’s bringing you down, but I think everyone is different. Some people might want to spend some time alone to make the problems go away, but even those people can’t solve some problems on their own. Then you can talk to your friends or colleagues or family about the difficulties you’re going through.

— Sana

Last, she noted that talking in person can be difficult, so she recommended joining an online community to share their thoughts. She believes that it can help them relieve some mental burden.

It can be difficult talking face to face. In that case, you can turn to an online community where you can share your stories to get them off your chest.

— Sana

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Source: Naver Live


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