TWICE’s Sana And Jeongyeon Once Revealed Why They Feel More Nervous Performing In Japan Than In Korea

Here’s their main concern.

TWICE performs in both Korea and Japan, but is there a noticeable difference between the two?

In 2018, Sana and Jeongyeon guested on Starry Night Radio. They revealed that there is a difference, particularly when they’re in Japan.

Sana (left) and Jeongyeon (right)

The topic was brought up when they were asked, “Is performing in Korea different compared to performing in Japan?

Sana revealed that performing is the same in Japan and Korea. However, they are more careful when they make comments in Japanese.

Performing is the same, but I think we pay more attention when we comment in Japanese.

— Sana

Agreeing with Sana, Jeongyeon further explained that she feels more nervous when performing in Japan because it hadn’t been long since they made their debut.

I feel a little more nervous when I perform in Japan. It’s only been a while since we debuted in Japan.

— Jeongyeon

She also felt burdened by the fact that she speaks limited Japanese.

And also because I can’t really speak Japanese. I have to focus on understanding, so I think that’s why I feel more nervous.

— Jeongyeon

TWICE’s Japanese has undoubtedly improved since this radio show appearance, so it’s likely that they’re no longer as nervous!

Source: YouTube