Sana Made Key Profess His Love to JYP

His behavior was out of the ordinary.

On an episode of tvN’s Amazing Saturday, TWICE‘s Sana and Momo featured as guests.

As soon as they appeared on the show, the male cast showed passionate responses.

In particular, SHINee‘s Key couldn’t hide his smile as he revealed his love for TWICE as a fan.

After seeing this, the host, Boom asked, “Is it okay if Sana and Momo don’t get many questions right?”

In response, Key said, “That’s okay. I’ll just work even harder.”

When he said that, Boom turned to Sana and said, “Say a few words to Key before you begin.”

As soon as Sana turned toward Key, Key took out his personal phone as if he wanted to capture the moment for himself.

His love for TWICE didn’t end there. In the middle of the quiz, he held up a notepad that read, “TWICE <3 JYP<3″, and expressed his strong love them.

The panel, which included Park Na Rae and Hye Ri, was very surprised by Key’s out of the ordinary behavior.

A clip of the segment can be watched below:

Source: Insight