TWICE’s Sana Accidentally Lost Two Credit Cards, So Her Dad Did Something About It

He’s so thoughtful!

One of the worst feelings in the world is losing an important possession, and TWICE‘s Sana knows this well! She shared the story of the time she lost her credit cards in a recent video with VOGUE KOREA.

TWICE’s Sana | @m.by__sana/Instagram

In the video, the “SCIENTIST” singer was invited to show viewers the contents of her bag. Out of the several items she shared, one of the most important was a cute pink card holder from Prada, which is a brand she frequently endorses.

Sana’s wallet | @VOGUE KOREA/YouTube

She revealed that her dad had gifted it to her for her birthday. The best feature about it, in her opinion, is the many card slots it has in the back.

I carry this wallet. This is the one that my dad gave me as a birthday present. You can store your cards like this.

— Sana

But there’s a very specific reason why he chose it!

Sana’s dad (left) and mom (right)

Sana explained that she had long formed the habit of not bringing cash with her.

The reason why my dad gave this card wallet to me as a gift is because… What do you call paper money? Money made of paper. 1000 won. 5000 won. Bill? Bill!

— Sana

In the past, she would take out her credit cards and keep them in the pockets of her pants whenever she went out. Unfortunately, that’s exactly how she lost two credit cards! Unbeknownst to her, they may have slipped out of her pockets when she reached in for her phone or some other item. They could have been sneakily stolen from her, as well.

I thought that I didn’t use bill compartments that much. When I went out, I usually only carried cards in my pants pocket, or my outer pocket, which led me to losing two credit cards.

— Sana

When her dad heard what had happened, he decided to buy her a new wallet. This time, he made sure it was slim and designed primarily to hold cards, not bills.

So my dad bought me a card wallet to prevent that,” she shared, referring to another lost card.

His thoughtfulness for his daughter is touching! It’s thanks to his gift that Sana hasn’t lost another card since then, which would have been a very costly mistake.

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Source: YouTube