TWICE’s Sana Couldn’t Escape The Friend Zone When She Asked Momo To “Marry” Her

The question wasn’t for Sana!

TWICE‘s Momo and Sana are extremely close, and their playful friendship was on display when Sana asked Momo to “marry” her!

TWICE’s Momo (Left) & Sana (Right)

Momo had a toy ring on and jokingly said to the camera in a live broadcast, “Will you marry me?” Sana decided to be playful and “accepted” Momo’s offer.

Momo, however, “rejected” Sana and told her they could be friends! Sana didn’t “accept” this and jokingly “scolded” Momo.

You said so yourself! You said that a long time ago, you don’t buy friendships with gifts.

— Sana

After playfully “arguing” with each other for a bit, the two suddenly started dancing, and the “argument” ended!

It looks like Sana couldn’t escape the friend zone!

Source: Naver Live