TWICE’s Sana and Nayeon Show off Their Best “Aegyo” at M Countdown’s Photo Wall

Nayeon seemed fascinated by her own hand gestures.

TWICE recently performed on M Countdown, which was proceeded by a little photo time against the M Countdown photo wall.

The members looked absolutely stunning as usual, but the focus was on Sana and Nayeon‘s “aegyo” competition that was also captured on camera.

Sana and Nayeon were first spotted making the “rock on” hand gesture while looking beautiful as usual.

Then Nayeon was spotted looking at her own hand gesture as if she thought of an idea and proceeded to mix it up a bit.

What followed us Sana and Nayeon making hearts with their hands instead.

These “aegyo” gestures made for some amazing shots of the two gorgeous idols and it’s hard not to smile at their adorable efforts.

As they made their way to their next destination, it seemed as though Nayeon discovered something that had to do with her hands, but the truth behind that will likely remain a mystery that’s kept between Sana and Nayeon.

Check out a few more “aegyo” shots of Sana and Nayeon below:


Source: Insight