TWICE’s Sana Handles Accessory Issue So Smoothly That No One Notices

She’s the ultimate professional.

TWICE‘s Sana encountered an issue with her necklace during their performance of “Fancy” at Hero Concert.


She handled it so smoothly that barely anyone noticed.

When it was time to sing her iconic lines from the song, Sana breezed through them. Her next movements appeared to be where she encountered the issue.

The backward and forward movements of her head may have loosened the necklace she was wearing. That wasn’t an issue for Sana. She quickly caught it as soon as it slipped and held it in her hand.

She did it so smoothly that it looked like part of the choreography. She then stood up and continued on like the professional she is, holding the necklace in her hand for the rest of the performance.

Idols run into issues with their accessories often with few handling it as effortlessly as Sana. See her handle it like the ultimate professional.