TWICE’s Sana Looked Completely Different After One Day — And It Will Make You UWU

Which version of Sana do you prefer?

TWICE’s Sana is known for her dual charms and various sides to her personality. She can even appear different depending on the vibe she’s trying to create.

On one hand, she can easily amp up the sex appeal and put on an alluring performance.

Just as easily, however, she can morph into her bright and cheerful self and show her goofy side!

She can immediately switch back at a moment’s notice and be cool and charismatic when the time comes.

Every side of Sana you encounter is vastly different, but in the end, they’re all part of her.

Her dual charms were especially evident on the night of October 30th, returning home from her schedule.

She showed off her signature fox-like visuals and gorgeous smile as she waved goodbye to fans.

However, the very next morning, fans met a completely different Sana!

She debuted her adorable chubby cheeks caused by morning bloat — and netizens couldn’t help but fall in love with her cuteness.

They noted that without the bloat, Sana looks like a model…but with it, she’s absolutely adorable in a squishy hamster-like way!

Sana is a master of being cute and sexy! She’s the queen of never-ending charms.


Source: TheQoo