The Sneaky Way JYP Entertainment Trainees Eat Cheat Food Despite Company-Enforced Diets

Sana and Sullyoon spilled the secret.

In a recent episode of Sana’s Fridge Interview, TWICE‘s Sana and NMIXX‘s Sullyoon revealed how JYP Entertainment trainees sneak forbidden food into the practice room.

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NMIXX‘s Sullyoon (left) and TWICE’s Sana (right) | @nmixx_official/Instagram

The topic came up when the “ONE SPARK” singer asked the younger idol if there was a snack that made her “tear up.”

Sullyoon chose chocolate, prompting Sana to ask if she had ever eaten it in secret. K-Pop idols and trainees are typically placed on company-enforced diets, limiting the kinds of food they are allowed to eat.

  • Sana: Do you have a snack that would make you tear up even just by looking at it?
  • Sullyoon: I really like chocolate, so…
  • Sana: But honestly, you had them secretly, too, didn’t you?

Much to Sana’s surprise, the NMIXX member revealed that she had never secretly eaten chocolate.

  • Sullyoon: Honestly, when I was a trainee, we didn’t order food.
  • Sana: So you didn’t eat secretly?
  • Sullyoon: We didn’t really eat it secretly.

Probing further, the Japanese singer pointed out that JYP Entertainment has a rule prohibiting trainees from eating in the practice room, but they manage to circumvent it in one particular way.

Sullyoon immediately knew what she was referring to. It seems all company trainees are aware of a blind spot that the CCTV can’t reach, and they hide there to eat snacks!

  • Sana: Really? You know we can’t eat in the practice room.
  • Sullyoon: Not in the practice room.
  • Sana: But for those who are trying to get in shape, they can’t even have something sweet or else they will be scolded. Now, there is a practice room, and there is a CCTV right here, right?
  • Sullyoon: Right under the CCTV!
  • Sana: Right! JYP Has things like that. A place where you can avoid the CCTV.

Now that the secret is out, Sana felt apologetic to the current trainees for exposing it.

I can say it now because I debuted already, but looking at the trainees now, they would think, why did those two have to reveal it,” she said.

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