TWICE Sana’s One Secret For Making Her TWICE Members Feel Amazing When They’re Sad

She loves her members so much.

TWICE‘s Sana is known for being adorable and full of aegyo, but many need to know just how much love she has for her members. She does one thing that shows just how much she cherishes the other members of TWICE.

During their showcase for “FANCY”, each member had to say what they were thankful for from the member next to them. Chaeyoung revealed that whenever someone looks downcast or tired, Sana will approach them and hug them without saying a word. Because of this one action, the members become energised. It’s a small action, but it made TWICE, and the fans realise just how much Sana loves her members.

Sana is an only child and has stated numerous times that she has always wanted a sibling to help her loneliness. Now that she has eight sisters, she makes sure to take good care of them and doesn’t hide how affectionate she is.

Many people can genuinely see her warm heart. During their appearance on the show Star Road, they were asked where she would be in 10 years. Her answer was simple but struck a chord with viewers. She truly adores her members.

I’ll still be with TWICE and my members.

Many fans and netizens agree that Sana is one of the most warm-hearted, sweetest girls in K-Pop and people hope that her wish for the next ten years comes true. TWICE’s sisterhood is precious, and the girls genuinely love one another, and many agree that that will be the reason why they will last for a long time.