TWICE Sana’s Reaction To Spoiling Her Own Hair Color Is Absolutely Priceless

Mina and Jihyo couldn’t hide how amused they were.

Despite the fact that many idols are staying amongst their members, that isn’t stopping them from working on new projects and changing their hair colors.

Since TWICE‘s Sana wasn’t yet ready to show off her new hair color, most likely in preparation for the group’s Beyond LIVE: World In A Day concert, she caught herself off guard when accidentally revealing it.

In the previous live broadcast alongside Momo, Sana worked hard to keep her new hair color under wraps. For nearly three hours, she wore a hoodie with the hood pulled over her entire head, making sure no strand would escape. During the live broadcast following that one, all of her hard work went to waste in the most comedic way.

At the start of the video, all of the members were in sight except for Sana, who was hiding out of frame. Not thinking anything of it, other than they weren’t all visible, Momo announced it, “People can’t see Sana.” Everyone decided to move over to fit everyone into the shot. Sana hadn’t yet realized what she’d revealed.

Since she was asked to read the Japanese comments, Sana leaned forward and took a look. When she read one that mentioned a specific color, she realized what had happened, “Everyone looks orange.

Jumping back, Sana was shocked from the reminder of her previous orange hair color. Though Mina pointed out the comment was referring to the filter, it didn’t ease Sana’s panic. Her reaction did amuse them, though.

Seeing Sana’s mouth drop open at spoiling her own secret, they couldn’t resist laughing at such an adorable reaction. Mina pointed out how much she’d tried to hide it, “She was trying so hard to cover up.” That made them laugh even harder.

Sana wasn’t the only one that had forgotten about the surprise. Tzuyu admitted, “I forgot too,” while Momo mentioned their last live broadcast, “She tried so hard to cover up that day.” Sana made a sad face that she’d accidentally spoiled her own surprise.

Sana doesn’t have to be too upset about spoiling her surprise. Whether she has vibrant orange hair or a soft dark brown, she slays every look. If she still wants to surprise fans, she could easily change up her look with a few quick highlights or extensions.

Check out Sana’s adorable reaction to giving everyone an accidental sneak peek at her hair color, starting from 2:39.