TWICE’s Sana Reveals The True Reason She Does Skinship…And It’s Cute AF

So THIS is why she’s constantly hugging everyone.

Sana of TWICE is constantly physical with her members. Whether she’s giving them hugs or just touching them, she seems to be the skinship advocate in TWICE.

Fans may speculate she does this just for a show and to appeal to fans, but she revealed her true reason for constant skinship.

When asked when she feels the best, Sana reveals that talking with her members is not the only way they bring her happiness.

I like it the best when they are comfortable with me cuddling them.

— Sana

It turns out skinship genuinely brings her happiness. Not only do fans feel happy when they see TWICE doing skinship, the girls themselves also really enjoy it!

It’s the same for TWICE, too. *Laughs* I’m not making it up!

— Sana

When asked about rumors of her being a “kiss monster,” she’s asked what type of physical affection she likes most.

I usually tend to hug and be hugged by people a lot. I’d sit on their knees and hug them like this, or I’ll give them a back hug

— Sana

She says her members are quite open to her need for skinship except for Momo.

Everyone expresses their love differently, and it just so happens Sana enjoys being physical. Momo, however, is a little different.

Even if it’s not Momo’s favorite, she still does it for Sana, and that’s true friendship!

Watch Sana’s full interview below!