TWICE’s Sana Tells Dahyun to Give up on Her Looks

Savage Sana is back.

On February 5, MBC’s 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships was broadcasted where TWICE‘s Sana made everyone laugh as one of the hosts.

During a game of archery between TWICE and Red Velvet, Sana called Dahyun out.

Dahyun was the first one to take her shots on TWICE’s team, and she seemed very focused.

What caught the attention of Sana was Dahyun’s hair every time she took a shot.

Dahyun’s hair was getting hit when she pulled the arrow.

This seemed to have ticked Sana off because she immediately responded with, “Dahyun, please move your hair!

In response, her fellow host, Leeteuk asked, “Don’t you think she’s worrying too much about her looks?

This drove Sana to give Dahyun some very tough advice: “Give up on your looks!

Who else loves savage Sana and would love to see more of her?

Source: Twitter