TWICE Suffers Severe Harassment by Sasaengs on Their Way Home from Work

The Sasaengs followed their car and banged on the window.

TWICE recently held a V Live broadcast on their way home from work, but what worried fans were Sasaengs that were captured harassing them from outside the car.

Following TWICE’s world tour concert in Sekisui Heim Super Arena, Momo and Dahyun continued to chat with fans through the camera in their car.

But during the chat, a banging sound could be heard from outside the car.

As soon as they were told that a fan followed them, the expressions on their faces stiffened.

They even expressed their surprise and asked, “Seriously?

Momo then remarked, “Let’s stop the broadcast” while Dahyun added, “I think we have to go.

The two stars then turned off their lights and said goodbye to their fans as Momo pleaded to the Sasaengs, “Please don’t follow us!

In response, fans are expressing their shock with comments such as “That must have been so scary“, “Fans shouldn’t do that“, and “They’re not Sasaengs, they’re criminals“.

Click here to watch the broadcast.

Source: Insight