TWICE Have Been Watching “Kingdom” And They Had A Lot To Say About Stray Kids

TWICE also spoke about Stray Kids’ work ethic.

TWICE recently held a live broadcast in celebration of their 2000 day anniversary, and during it, they heartwarmingly spoke about their junior labelmates, Stray Kids.

TWICE’s Sana (Left) & Stray Kids’ Bang Chan (Right) | @twicetagram/Instagram

Stray Kids is currently participating in Mnet‘s survival show, Kingdom, and TWICE has been watching them!

Stray Kids’ Felix
TWICE’s Nayeon

The members who have watched Stray Kids in Kingdom showered them with praise, saying that their performances were “so cool.”

TWICE also spoke about Stray Kids’ work ethic and how the members are always practicing until early in the morning. Nayeon also shared that when Stray Kids practice, “the ground trembles.”

TWICE are the most loving seniors!

Source: Naver Live