TWICE Once Struggled With The Heavy Cost Of Being A K-Pop MV Cameraman

This must’ve “weighed” on them.

TWICE is known for the respect and kindness they show to their staff. The girls are always ready to try to understand the world from someone else’s point of view. While filming their “I Can’t Stop Me” MV, some members decided they wanted to know more about the people who film the MVs’ jobs.

After noticing their cameraman with an interesting rig for a tracking shot (a shot that follows the subject through the scene), Jeongyeon decided she wanted a closer look.

Both she and Sana examined the equipment as it sat on the ground before deciding to pick it up for themselves.

Jeongyeon was immediately overwhelmed at the weight and asked the cameraman, “how do you hold it up?”

Sana then estimated that the camera must weigh over 10kg (or 22 lbs), which surprised Jeongyeon.

Another curious member entered the conversation at this time. Momo decided that she would give lifting the camera a shot. With Momo’s toned dancer’s body, many might think that raising this camera would be easy for her, and it was… at first.

After holding the camera for a few seconds unaided, Momo’s arms began to shake under the weight of the heavy equipment.

Similarly, Dahyun was able to lift the camera with no problems at first. After holding it for more than a few seconds, her arms also began to wobble.

The quartet all marveled at just how much effort the camera people put in for filming their MVs. It was clear that the girls had gained a newfound respect for their staff.

It’s always interesting when idols give insight into the industry like this. We appreciate TWICE’s curiosity about how their MVs are made. To read more industry secrets TWICE revealed during “I Can’t Stop Me”, check out the article below:

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