TWICE Stuns With A Bold, Chic, Mature Concept For Their 2019 Season’s Greetings Photos

TWICE definitely starts 2019 with a bang!

While TWICE is known mostly for their more peppy, bright, and youthful concepts, the group stunned ONCEs by going with a more subdued, chic, high-end fashion inspired concept for their 2019 Season’s Greetings.

1. Nayeon

Nayeon looks likes she stepped right out of a storybook with her white lace outfit, tiara, and being surrounded by roses. She’s left us speechless by her model-esque beauty in this photo.

2. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon embraces her longer locks and creates an image that is reminiscent of a classic 1940’s movie star. Jeongyeon has definitely moved on from her “tomboy” debut image and has embraced being a”girlcrush” icon.

3. Momo

Momo adds a bit of a rocker-chic look to her outfit, with the high lace boots and semi sheer top complementing the long silver earrings, white pants, and sparkling belt. She looks like she’s about ready to get on her motorcycle and ride out to see the world.

4. Sana

Goodbye Ms. “sha sha sha,” and hello Ms. High Society Debutante.

Dressed as if she’s attending a party with the cast of Gossip Girl, Sana stuns in a white couture-like suit/skirt combo that would fit right in with socialites in the upper east side.

5. Jihyo

Jihyo seems to have embraced her leadership position even more and has become Prince Jihyo.

With her thigh-high riding boots, high waisted pants, and high-fashion jacket, Jihyo looks like she’s about to play a game of polo with the lads…and perhaps snag fair lady Nayeon as well.

6. Mina

If Jihyo is the prince, then Mina is the queen.

Dressed in pearls and a ruffled collar, and adorned in white, Mina’s outfit harkens back to the type of outfits seen during Queen Elizabeth I of England’s time.

With her regal good looks and kind demeanor, Mina would fit right in with any sort of royalty.

7. Dahyun

Dahyun looks all grown up in this ensemble, though still with a bit of a youthful edge. The more mature style of her long sleeve shirt and red velvet colored top contrasts with the more youthful shorts paired with her outfit.

It’s nice to know that the “tofu girl” we all grew to love hasn’t been forgotten in Dahyun’s growth to being “tofu lady.”

8. Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung seems to be going more for the “sensitive artist” style image in this photo. The flannel (a standard for any artist), the corset-like belt, and the pensive pose all look like Chaeyoung is just walking for inspiration to strike.

Which is just as well as she has continually voiced her desire to continue writing lyrics and raps for TWICE – along with continually to improve her art skills.

9. Tzuyu

Tzuyu continues to stun in her checkered coat and matching skirt. Her outfit definitely gives Tzuyu a “chic” look similar to that of a model or heiress. She looks like she’s ready to claim her place in high society or walk the runways of Milan.

With this Season’s Greetings ushering the start of TWICE’s 2019, do you think TWICE will embrace this concept moving forward?

Source: Naver