TWICE Takes Care Of Their Mental Health In Different Ways, And It Says A Lot About The Members

Mina’s answer is touching ❤️

As veterans in the K-Pop industry, TWICE knows a thing or two about the highs and lows of the idol life. They are aware that the low parts of their job can affect their mental health, so they’ve learned of ways to take care of it.

In a past interview with Cosmopolitan, the members talked about how they’ve been managing their mental health with each other’s help. Check out the answers of Dahyun, Momo, Mina, and Nayeon below.


According to Dahyun, she gains energy from eating. She praised TWICE’s staff for their healthy and yummy food, which she enjoys after concerts and tours. Additionally, she also acknowledged the value of taking baths and naps, as well as watching funny videos online.

I eat. Our staff always prepares really healthy and delicious foods, so that’s the most important part after the concerts. And personally, I take a bath and I nap. And sometimes I look up funny clips on YouTube.

— Dahyun


In Momo’s case, she turns to her members, especially the very energetic ones! They never fail to make her laugh, and she tries to return the favor when she can.

When we’re working, there are certain members who are more energetic than others. When I’m tired and not at my best, they really make me laugh and just by talking to them I get more energy. And when they’re tired, I make them laugh.

— Momo


In comparison, Mina finds joy in spending time with her own company, but she appreciates it when her members encourage her to do activities she would otherwise not do. Trying water-skiing and eating new, delicious food are a few examples of activities she experienced thanks to them.

I’m a person who spends a lot of time alone and it really helps me [cope with difficulties] when other members ask me to do things I would not do on my own. For example, because of other members, I got to experience water-skiing, and they invited me to eat great food.

— Mina


Last but not the least, Nayeon opened up about how her members inspire her to complain less when they undergo similar hardships. In fact, it even energizes her to see how they cope with difficulties!

Because we work together, we experience similar hardships. But I learn from other members when they don’t complain about those hardships. It even energizes me to watch other members do that.

— Nayeon

TWICE takes care of their mental health by gaining strength from their members, suggesting that their relationship is closer than words! Speaking of their bond, learn which member works the hardest to maintain their friendship in the article below.

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Source: Cosmopolitan


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