One Dedicated Fan Built A TWICE-Themed Housing Complex In South Korea

It’s like a real-life “TWICELAND”.

The TWICELAND from TWICE‘s first concert tour may not be a real place, but one dedicated ONCE is creating a close reality with their TWICE-themed housing complex in South Korea.

TWICE has fans of all ages and backgrounds all over the world, so it shouldn’t come as much surprise that some ONCEs work in the housing industry too. That said, netizens were shocked when they recently realized that one housing constructor is such a big fan of TWICE, they built a housing complex in their honor.

| JYP Entertainment

In a neighborhood called Geumgok-dong, which is part of Incheon’s Seo-gu district, you’ll find several apartment buildings all named after TWICE members. First off, Nayeon House and Jeongyeon House were built right next to each other.

Nayeon House | Naver Maps
Jeongyeon House | Naver Maps

Then there’s the Momo House, Sana House, and Jihyo House trio, which all sit in a diagonal arrangement.

Momo House | Naver Maps
Sana House | Naver Maps
Jihyo House | Naver Maps

Plus, there’s Mina House. All the house names are written on the front of the buildings in big, metallic Korean letters for everyone to see.

Mina House | Naver Maps

In other nearby neighborhoods, you’ll also find a Dahyun Ville (right next door to Suzy House) and a Chaeyoung House, though it’s unclear whether they were made by the same housing developer.

Dahyun Ville (left) and Suzy House (right) | Naver Maps
Chaeyoung House | Naver Maps

Sadly, it seems no one has gotten around to building a Tzuyu House yet, but hopefully it’s on the agenda.

ONCEs—if you’re ever lucky enough to move to South Korea, now you know where to go house-hunting!