TWICE’s Tzuyu Is So Stunning She Left An Airport Employee Breathless

Many would react the same way.

Whenever there’s a list of the most beautiful idols in K-Pop, whether based on the consensus of domestic fans, international fans, or professionals, TWICE‘s Tzuyu is always within the ranks—often taking the number one spot.

No matter how her hair is styled or the outfit she wears, Tzuyu’s beauty always takes center stage.

With a mask covering most of her face, she looks just as beautiful as ever. Even so, seeing Tzuyu up close and in-person seems to have even more of an impact, thanks to an airport employee.

In a resurfaced clip from July 15 of last year, TWICE arrived at Incheon International Airport to board their flight to Los Angeles, California for their TWICELIGHTS dates in the United States. Like usual, the members filed through a checkpoint to have their passports looked at.

After Jihyo passed through, it was then Tzuyu’s turn. As soon as the female employee laid eyes on her, she was immediately taken with her beauty. Before continuing with her task, the employee stared at Tzuyu for a long moment, as anyone would.

After the passport process was complete, the employee returned it back to Tzuyu. That’s when they couldn’t contain how awestruck they’d been by how stunning Tzuyu was up close.

Following Tzuyu’s parting nod to fans, as she passed through further into the airport, the female employee turned away with her jaw dropped to the floor. With that shocked expression, she was left speechless, her mouth moving as if to say, “Wow!”

The employee’s funny yet adorable reaction to Tzuyu had everyone relating to her. If anyone received the chance to see the singer up close, especially ONCEs, it would cause them to react the same.

Check out Tzuyu’s breathtaking visuals literally taking the female employee’s breath away here.