Tzuyu Accidentally Called TWICE Short During Their “Talk That Talk” Comeback Live

Tzuyu didn’t need to call out her members like that!

Tzuyu is TWICE‘s only Taiwanese member and one of their two maknaes (the Korean term for the group’s youngest member), along with Chaeyoung. Having been born in the same year, the two are very close and even went to the same school together.

TWICE’s Tzuyu (left) and Chaeyoung (right)

The two girls are well taken care of by their unnies (the Korean word girls use to refer to older women), and both have plenty of unique characteristics. Tzuyu, in particular, has the honor of easily being the tallest in TWICE!

TWICE members Mina, Dahyun, Momo, Jihyo, Chaeyoung, Sana, Jeongyeon, Nayeon, and Tzuyu (left to right) | TWICE/YouTube

It’s hilarious how far Tzuyu will go to be considerate of her best friends in photos and videos, showing her thoughtfulness in endearing ways.

| TWICE/YouTube

But in the end, the difference is just too big to hide!

| TWICE/YouTube

Tzuyu is also known for being a quiet and humble idol, so she seldom brings up her strengths and rarely makes fun of her unnies.

That’s why it was even funnier when she accidentally said “TWICE is short” in their recent comeback live for “Talk That Talk!”

As fate would have it, she was reading off of her fellow maknae, Chaeyoung’s, photocard, who also happens to be TWICE’s shortest member! Everyone laughed, and Chaeyoung quickly corrected her, saying what she wrote was “TWICE is the best.”

An understandable mistake for a foreign member, but hilariously she is the only one among TWICE who could have made that statement.

Check out the complete comeback live below.