TWICE’s Tzuyu Got Cussed out by Chinese Fans for Donating Money to Help Korea’s Coronavirus Outbreak

This was before it was revealed that Tzuyu did indeed donate to China as well.

It was recently reported that TWICE‘s Tzuyu generously donated 50 million won (~$42,000 USD) to assist in Korea’s coronavirus situation, but she’s been hit with harsh criticism from Chinese netizens for not donating to China as well.

Following the Korean reports, various Chinese media shared the news of her contribution and explained that Tzuyu joined in on the contribution to help those who are suffering due to the coronavirus.

They also added the message, “Tzuyu would like everyone to be healthy.

Although Tzuyu’s act of generosity was praised by the Korean community, some netizens on the Chinese social media service, Weibo criticized her for not making any donations to China.

And one netizen’s post, which criticized Tzuyu, received over 19,000 negative comments regarding the idol currently active in Korea.

In another post criticizing Tzuyu’s behavior, more than 87,000 netizens expressed their agreement.

Some of the more shocking comments include, “Tzuyu’s not donating to China because she’s for Taiwan independence” and “I guess her heart isn’t for China“.

But it was later reported that Tzuyu did indeed donate around the same amount to China as well.

Despite her efforts to donate to both countries at the same time, the money transfer took longer for China leading to a discrepancy, during which Tzuyu received undeserved criticism.

Source: Insight and @SanaTanslator