TWICE’s Tzuyu Had A Date With CLC’s Elkie To Give Her A Gift

Who doesn’t love a pair of supportive best friends?

TWICE‘s Tzuyu and CLC‘s Elkie have one of the most adorable friendships among female idols, with an extended friend group that would make anyone just a bit jealous.

During their last date together back in February, the two shared sweet treats on Valentine’s Day and even bought a set of matching mugs.

On their latest outing, Tzuyu was the one who had brought something for Elkie.

Through her Instagram, Elkie posted photos the two had snapped photos at what appeared to be a café, directing sweet smiles to the camera.

With their cups of tea in from of them, they both showed off their matching bangs. It was what Elkie posted afterward that had fans having an uwu moment.

Elkie had shared a photo of herself holding something in her hands, asking fans, “Guess what?” The items turned out to be a gift from Tzuyu.

Tzuyu had given her a best friend not one but both copies of her photobook Yes, I Am Tzuyu. Elkie held both of them up with a smile, “Finally, I got to see this.”

She was so proud of her best friend’s work that she neatly placed them for the perfect photo.

Everyone needs a friend like Elkie, someone who can be just as proud of your work as you.