This Fan’s Wish To Marry TWICE Tzuyu Crashed And Burned…Literally

Maybe it’s a sign?

A man has shared the hilarious moment when his dream of marrying TWICE‘s maknae, Tzuyu, went up in smoke.


Since debuting with TWICE in 2015, Tzuyu has captured the hearts of millions with her beauty…




…and sweet personality.


Even other idols have fallen for her charms!

Tzuyu’s #1 Fangirl Is A Legendary Girl Group Member


Tzuyu is gorgeous on the outside and inside, so it’s no surprise that some ONCEs have wished for the once in a lifetime chance to say “I do” to her.


Unfortunately, this particular fan’s wish probably won’t be coming true, if his video is any proof. In his video, a sky lantern can be seen floating into the air.


On the lantern, words of blessing and messages of hope were written. As it rose higher into the sky, the man shouted, “I want to marry Chou Tzuyu!”…


…and the lantern veered off-course!


It swerved over a rooftop, and out of sight, taking the man’s dreams with it.


If there was ever a sign that a wish wasn’t going to come true, this might be it!


天燈:你這個願望太難了,我還是墜落吧😂 【大喊「我要娶到周子瑜」後…天燈秒墜落】影片來源/爆廢公社二館#天燈 #周子瑜

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