TWICE’s Tzuyu Makes A Stage Mistake And Jihyo Notices Instantly

Jihyo’s face gives it all away.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu made a minor choreography mistake when they performed their hit song “Fancy” at Hero Concert.


Although small, it was just enough for leader Jihyo to catch it on her radar.

Tzuyu’s timing for moving to her next position in the choreography was just a little bit off. To correct it, she slid into the vacant spot between Sana and Momo as if nothing had happened. Jihyo had instantly noticed though and couldn’t hide the smile on her face.

She was so amused that the smile never left her face as she glanced at Tzuyu to see if the maknae would do anything else entertaining.

Just as fast as she’d noticed Tzuyu’s mistake though, she slipped right back into the performance, striking a charismatic pose.

Watch Jihyo show the happiest smile at Tzuyu’s small mistake.