Only TWICE’s Tzuyu Could Make This Outfit Work

This unique outfit is meant for Tzuyu and only Tzuyu.

During one of TWICE‘s Music Bank special performances, Tzuyu danced to Wonder Girls‘ “So Hot” in an unusual pair of bottoms.


When idols wear pants on stage, their pants are often slim-fitted to show off the idol’s figure, but Tzuyu’s stage outfit showed hers off in a different way.

In 2015, Tzuyu wore these bold, printed leggings while performing “Like Ooh-Ahh”.


Instead of being tight to her skin, Tzuyu’s button-adorned pants flared out around her ankles. The bottoms were also slit, which made the fabric dance along to Tzuyu’s sexy moves.

  • Goddess Tzuyu… She has the face, the body, the proportions…
  • Tzuyu is a living doll.
  • Tzuyu is the prettiest of them all!


It wouldn’t be surprising if Tzuyu’s combination of high heels and dressy bell-bottoms started a trend. They emphasize her height while making her look elegant and classy.


Although all the members looked fantastic, Tzuyu’s outfit really stood out!

  • I actually like her outfit. I wish she’d wear these styles more often.
  • Those pants are perfect for Tzuyu because she has a slim waist but a curvy hip and thighs.
  • Wow, her body is amazing… Possibly the best in K-Pop.

She makes every movement seem effortless!

  • Are her legs for real? I knew she had a small waist and large hips, but her proportions are out of this world!


These high-waisted pants make Tzuyu’s long, beautiful legs appear even longer and the slits give fans a peek at her slender ankles.

  • Did she lose some weight? Tzuyu has a beautiful face and a beautiful body.
  • Those are some questionable pants but even then, Tzuyu pulled it off. Must be true the face completes fashion.

Tzuyu’s unique pants perfectly match her chunky high heels and strapless leopard print top, so we’re giving this outfit a 10 out of 10!

Nice work, stylists!


Check out this Tzuyu focused fan cam of “So Hot” for more of this stylish outfit.


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