TWICE’s Tzuyu Makes Jaws Drop With Her Perfect Visuals

It’s so easy to fall for Tzuyu!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu‘s visuals have always been recognized by both ONCEs and people outside the fandom, and her sharp features cannot be denied.

From her beautiful eyes, to her cute nose everyone wants to boop, to her precious smile, they all go perfectly together!

She particularly looked good in one of their concert stops for the group’s TWICELIGHTS tour, as she continued to surprise fans with her visuals!

Although they have always been in love with Tzuyu, she always gives fans more reasons to fall for her!

She looks like a real life doll in her pink top and shiny bottoms and it just cannot be helped not to be blown away by her!

Her visuals’s versatility was also proven as she switched from a classy outfit to a more laid back one!

She looked beautiful in this simple white hoodie and made sure her fans remember that day as she poses cutely for them!